Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Idilia Foods sees Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as a process that is not only integrated in all of the company’s activities but also strategic to its continuity.

Management at Idilia Foods has assumed the priority to develop this Occupational Health and Safety Policy through the OHS Management System, whose main objective is to provide a safe and healthy work environment where work-related injuries and harm to the health of all stakeholders is prevented.

Idilia Foods therefore promotes the following basic principles, which must reign over all actions by the organisation:

  • Active and present leadership by Management as an inherent component in its hierarchical responsibility, which is in charge of leading OHS programmes, thereby ensuring that standards are applied in all chains of command, as well as supporting other pertinent roles.
  • The definition of OHS objectives and the supervision of performance to achieve continuous improvement of the OHS management system, with the full participation of the entire organisation.
  • Compliance with legal and other requirements, as well as with our own procedures and instructions.
  • A systematic analysis of risks and opportunities, thereby allowing us to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks, including the involvement of all employees and their representatives, in addition to the involvement of service providers, therefore adopting all the necessary actions for preventing accidents and promoting healthy habits.
  • The investigation of all occupational incidents, accidents and diseases, which serves as a tool for both continuous improvement and learning in order to prevent such events.
  • The promotion of adequate and continuous training, information and motivation programmes that allow all employees to know not only about the risks and impacts derived from their work, but also about the importance of such aspects and how to prevent them.
  • Promoting the participation, consultation, involvement and sense of responsibility of all our employees and other pertinent stakeholders with respect to an OHS culture, seen as an attitude and a volition that is based on respect for and compliance with procedures, as well as on initiative and contributing to the improvement of that culture.
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